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Virgo | The Eternal Healer

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Oh cosmic healer, how we needed you during this pandemic. We were all brought down to Earth, shown mortality in all its glory, and your energy was indispensable. How you served us, both in this reality, and all others; just as The Lord of Karma, Saturn intended. At the beginning of the pandemic, Saturn placed demands on your health, your work, and your service. Saturn brought you back to the temple of self, has shown you how it has been left in disarray, and how this could not be. He prepares you to take your role as the cosmic healer and servant, still. In the shadow of the New Year, Saturn will give a final push for creating routines to maintain your health.

Then, he makes himself at home in your house of partnership and marriages, and you may find that love is now intangible, that all reflections of it slip through your fingers. Saturn will remove patterns and relationships that you have outgrown; if it doesn’t last from 2023 to 2026, it is not true. Dearest healer, in order to improve yourself and your life, Saturn will present you with friends and foes that will challenge, and then reaffirm your perception of self. He is giving you a mirror, through others, to ask if you are worthy; are they worthy? Saturn presents you the opportunity to dive into your current relationships, and swim through the emotions that create your bonds, with Jupiter bringing a robust energy into your intimacy.

Yet, Jupiter asks you to focus on more than love, but also your partnership with the Universe, with source. With Jupiter making a home of your house of sexuality and death, you can tap into magic, the occult and the healing arts. Jupiter, ever expanding, will find ways to remove all things that hinder your growth. You can not co-create with the Universe if you are not in alignment with your highest self, through removing and expanding, Jupiter will be fine tuning you vibration, and alignment.

Earthly virgin, the one tasked with finding the flaw and transmuting into a strength, for the first half of the year, The Dragon (North Node) is with you, pushing you to focus on travel and education. This energy brings about a year of shedding, reinforced by the Saturn energies that are already urging you to let go of old patterns and relationships.

Virgo’s January Cosmic Conversation

The New Year finds a soirée in Capricorn, which is also an Earth sign. Take it slow, this is the time to find firm ground to erect empires, and who plans better than you? All this Capricorn Stellium asks is that you practice patience with yourself, others, and the energy itself.

January, with Mercury in retrograde, places the resurrection of old projects into the realm of possibility, especially when the Sun mingles with Mercury on the seventh and the eighth. This interaction takes place in your house of love, and may help give a higher vibration to your communication.

Then there is a shadow, which digs its claws into your house of hidden enemies; Black Moon Lilith, lurking in the shadows, there are plots dearest Virgo, and Lilith plans to reveal all of them. This is the time for protective work, to cloak yourself in your ancestors, and to maintain your health. This is the time for protection wards and spiritual baths, keep your spirit clean, and your head down, the dark mother will be at work for nine months. Again Virgo, during this time, there cannot be a lax in your protective work.

Beloved, and misunderstood Virgo, Hanuman in the flesh, when Mars goes direct you will be filled with a great deal of energy, which can be filtered into your career. Venus and Saturn work in tandem to support your financial goals for the rest of the month.

By the end of the month, you should feel some relief if the realm of relationships and partnerships, as Venus moves into Pisces, in your house of love. This is your time to create alliances, find a new partner, or heal old relationship; just remember, they will all be a mirror that Saturn uses to reflect your self-worth.

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