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Virgo | The Calm Before The Dark Storm

Virgo, how is your health? Have you eaten today? Have the lessons that The Lord of Karma has been trying to impart to you been heeded? This month finds Saturn’s final push; if you haven’t been kind to your body, if you have been hard on it and making decisions that you know aren’t conducive to your well being, you should go get a check up. Saturn is a planet of consequence, and the consequence to poor health choices, is poor health, GET CHECKED! You have a transit that can assist in solidifying Saturn’s current concerns for you. You must be healthy not only for yourself, but the person that the Universe has in store for you.

You have much to look forward to, even if your reward is shrouded in chaos and heartbreak, you would do good to remember that there is something in store for you, greater than you could imagine. I have previously warned you, and it bears repeating, that when Saturn moves into Pisces your relationships could turn to pillars of salt and you may be forced to move on. Saturn intends to make some of you an intimacy nomad, urging you ever forward until you reach the reward of your true other. Prepare to spend the next few years repairing your heart, as it will take blows, but how precious it will be when it finds its security with the one it was meant for. You may find that you wind up where you began or there maybe something new in store for you, but it will be battle tested.

Virgo’s February Cosmic Conversation

The month begins with a calm, Divine Servant. Venus is resting in exaltation as she enjoys her time on the shores of Pisces in your house of relationships. Take this time to enjoy the stability of intimacy, as next month it may begin to evade you. If you have legal affairs that need to be taken care of, this is the time to do so.

On February 8th watching how you communicate is especially important for you. The way you speak, dearest Virgo, at times can be off putting, laced with judgement; this transit can amplify this vibration and cause unintended conflicts. How do you want to be communicated to? Truly? Try to embody the mercurial energy of your celestial brother, Gemini, who in speaking to others, is in a way speaking to their divine twin, their unseen half. You can tap into this energy of communicating effectively if you develop a stronger connection to your Mercury.

Speaking of Mercury, he’s always on the move, and on the 11th, he moves in to Aquarius in your house of heath, diet, and work. Ahhhh, your wheelhouse, Mercury is here to assist you shine where you already thrive. If you have been unaware of the lessons that Saturn has been attempting to teach you, fear not, this is the time to develop the routines and diets that will serve you the best.

It should be highlighted, Venus is truly showing out, while in Pisces, the entangles with Neptune just in time for Valentine’s Day. Together they bless us with love, romance, and intimacy. Create new realities with meditations and visualizations. Savor these days Virgo, for even if the one that you are with is your true one, the relationship will be severely tested over the next few years. Venus and Neptune also provide a direct channel to the Divine, where you can worship through creativity. However, be mindful of affairs and cheaters, you or your partner, for Black Moon Lilith won’t abide by it, and won’t allow you to disrespect the energy that Venus and Neptune are dispensing without consequence.

On the 20th, Venus leaves Pisces, and moves over to Aries and your house of transformation and other people’s talents. This is a great time for you, as you are proficient in placing people where they need to be in a greater structure, as well as management as a whole. You may be able to assist your partner in tapping into buried skills and gifts, especially spiritual ones, and those from a past life.

Closing out the Month, Mars and Venus come together, and we are all in bliss. If you truly want the one you’re with, this is the month to lay down the foundations so that your union can weather the storm of Saturn in Pisces.

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