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The Chakra Series- Pt 1 | Ancestral Assessments

The wheels of energy, spinning centers strategically placed throughout the body, sending and receiving information. This is the sacred gathering place within you, bound to you, vortexes dictating how energy flows through your physical and etheric body, and the purpose that this energy serves. Each of these energy centers, better known as Chakras, hold an ancient codex which can be utilized to solve modern challenges. This energy flow is vital to your health, happiness, and harmony. Unlocking your spiritual power and potential often begins with an understanding and ability to manipulate your energy centers.

The Vedas, India’s oldest and most sacred texts, gave us the foundations for the modern understand of the chakras. Considered supernatural by Hindus, the Vedas are believed to be channeled messages from the divine, in an effort to assist mankind through its evolution. Spiritual practices around the world rely on the chakra system to do just that, guide them down their spiritual path to their higher self. Different traditions include different chakras, there can be anywhere from 7-108 energy vortexes throughout the body and aura, all finding a derivative from the Sanskrit alphabet.

For the sake of brevity and the common system of chakra work, we will deal with the seven primary chakras, and the anchoring energies of the Earth Star and Spirit chakras. The Earth Star Chakra anchors us and allows our energy to flow back into the Earth, while The Spirit Chakra allows the energy to travel back to Source. These nine energy centers begin beneath your feet (The Earth Star Chakra) and move upward through the body to the Spirit or Holy Star Chakra (above us).

But what IS this energy? Prana, the life force energy, is the flowing consciousness from the divine source. Prana is in a constant state of flow; zero-point theory has argued this in the field of quantum physics. If matter is energy, then even when at rest, you are in motion; welcome to your etheric self. This etheric body, which is undetectable to the naked eye because of its high vibratory nature, lies beyond the physical body, and houses your chakras. These energy centers, when out of balance, can cause issues in the physical body. Moreover, in order to understand the root cause of chakra and physical ailments, one may have to reach back through the maternal and paternal bloodlines. Many of our energy challenges are inherited; these are the generational curses. An example could be experiences in being silenced in the genetic line could manifest in an imbalance in your throat chakra and cause issues around communication. If you can work on the generational energy signatures, as well as pinpoint the affected chakra, you can strategically transmute and move the energy.

Let’s begin by delving into the ancestral energies that have woven themselves into your chakras. This is the first step to assessment.

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