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Taurus | The Stable One in the Midst of Instability

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Beloved Bull, have you ever had someone criticize every little thing you do, until you are unable to contain yourself. The Lord of Karma has been focused on your career, my love. He has been unending tables and creating conflict in order to rectify your professional life. I know it's been hard for the one who thrives in stability to feel like the earth is constantly shifting. Feeling like you are unable to fulfill the desires of others, who don’t understand their desires themselves? You may find that those in authority seem to be in opposition to you, hell bent on quarrels, no matter how petty. Yet, the Lord is only doing what he has been tasked to do; Saturn is clearing the path for the transformative powers of Pluto.

While the Lord of Transformation takes the space of Karma in your house of career, Saturn will be transitioning into your house of friends, social networks, and altruism. Saturn has been looming overhead, co-creating the situations that he will later use for revelation. These circumstances, though uncomfortable in many ways, serve your highest self, mighty bull, as they uproot those who are not for you from your garden of self. Through your collaboration with Saturn these next three years you can rightly identify what serves you in all realms of this dimension; including the causes and groups you’d like to be a part of, or your standing in your community.

Though all of this seems so external, you have the head of the North Node transiting your sign for the first half of the year. Take this time to become one with your body. You are stardust, the original altar. The North Node gifts you the opportunity to reinvent your aesthetic, asking you to channel your venetian qualities to create something that is lovely to look at, in the terms of what you deem lovely. The North Node working with Saturn can make you a magnet for new connections and friendships that are genuine and sincere. The Dragon offers to whisk you away to your Promised Land, allow him.

Taurus January Cosmic Conversations

There is a deep need to focus on your career path during this new year. We begin 2023 with several planets in your house of travel and education. You may find that you enroll in classes and get certifications that will bring you into alignment with your true purpose, or you may move closer to the balance between teacher and student.

On the third Venus moves into your house of career, placing her on the zenith of your chart. She comes to assist in improving your relationships at work, and in other expressions of your professional life, which have been taking hits and setbacks since 2020. You may find there is more of a flow in your business partnership, or you may find yourself with a promotion, or dream job. However, the abundance could be an illusion with Mars in retrograde, be mindful of your spending and be kind to yourself and your self image.

Later in the month the Sun spends time in Aquarius, which will help you shine at work or in business and education. He receives a lunar boost when the New Moon moves into Aquarius as well. You may see an improvement in your social status during this time. However, Venus will be conjunct to Saturn so the negative energies that may be projected on you by your superiors could become challenging. Take care in how you navigate the murky waters of others, especially when The Moon brings her energy to the equation, taking the challenges from the boardroom to the home, you may find yourself engaged with power struggles with family members.

Just when all of this energy feels like it's getting to a fever pitch, Venus enters Pisces in your house of friends. Venus allows you to be a co-creator of your own happiness, giving you the tools to remove elements of the chaos that you have been dwelling in. This is the time of newness, as Venus, your sign ruler, makes you more attractive in all ways. If you want to remove yourself from the toxic energy you have been experiencing at work, this is the time where your resume can be more attractive. You may attract friends who evolve into lovers. This is your time to manifest the social and career life that you desire.

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