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Taurus | Building Your Social Network & Focusing On The Material

Majestic Bull, I’m sure some form of authority has been pressing down on you, Taurus. You have been dealing with confrontations from those in power, always punching up it seems. Worry not, the end is in sight when Saturn moves into Pisces in March. You just have to endure the final lessons that The Lord of Karma has in store for you as he readies himself to move on. Now is the time to get a head start on examining your friendships, as that is the next place that Saturn intends to make upheavals.

You still have the energy of the North Node giving your sign an extra boost until July. Use this energy wisely, for the North Node is working tirelessly to forge a new you, the you of your destiny. You find the vibration that leads you down the divine path of self, and your place in the community.

2023, Dearest Bull, is asking you examine and rely in your social network, and how you imagine your future. Your thoughts create your reality and the Universe is willing to act as a co-creator with you as you shed negative thought patterns, and limiting beliefs.

Taurus’ February Cosmic Conversation

Taurus, it is no surprise that as Saturn prepares to leave for Pisces, that you should find that February places a heavy emphasis on your career and professional life. If you put in the work, in this final Saturn push, you can find that you gain rewards and recognition. Projects, especially those that require a deep concentration and innovation can thrive for you from the 9th to the 11th. Additionally, on the 12th, Mercury move into Aquarius and your house of career, providing even more energy to your career endeavors.

On the 13th, Venus and Neptune dance in the sky, providing the energy that is perfect for romance and intimacy. This could also provide a collaborative energy centering around art and community projects.

The Sun will be illuminating Saturn’s restrictive energy as they go conjunct. Again, you may feel the pains between you and those in authority or supervisory positions. This Sun-Saturn transit can signal heavy workloads and being under-appreciated.

The Sun moves into Pisces and your house of friends, on the 19th. There is an emphasis on community, technology, and your goals at this time. This transit aims to reveal the interdependence of the three. Then on the 20th, the New Moon in Pisces can give your finances an energy boost. This is truly a great time to put manifesting your dreams into motion. With a Pisces New Moon, you may also experience a heightened intuition and spiritual connection with source; you may be contacted or discover your talents for channeling.

On the 21st, Venus moves into Pisces, to your house of past lives. Ease up some, your attitude could be through the roof, channeling that Aries energy. You may be on the defense more than you, and others, are used to. With Venus spending time in our house of past lives, be aware of opportunities to meet those we have known previously.

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