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Scorpio | Preparing For the Chaos

I will drill this into your head until you understand; you have the right to pursue happiness, whatever form that may be.

Everything is heavy with you Scorpio, and currently a lot of that heavy energy is concentrated in your home and family life. If has been a tough few years and in this last month of Saturn being in Aquarius, he is demanding you wrap up any pervading issues in this area of life. It is advantageous to address any tensions with younger people, especially if you’re a parent, as Saturn moves into Pisces in your house of children and love.

Take stock of your ‘babies’, be these your actual children, or projects that have been left unattended to. We have had so many planets retrograding and so much has been left behind, take the time, My Dark Star, to remember what was; dust off what you wish to keep, leave the rest in the whirlwind of the retrograde.

With Saturn transiting your house of love when he moves into Pisces, you may find difficulty in your love life, although not as strong as your Leo and Virgo siblings. Yet, unlike them, you were made for the intensity of the chaos and the depth of the emotions. You also have the North Node, that Great Dragon in the sky, bringing boons to your relationship. Use this energy, for the next 6 months, to bring harmony and intimacy to your libidinal and familial relationships. This energy can assist in building the foundations to withstand the sometimes crushing energies of Saturn. Everything will be fine, Divine Shadow.

Scorpio’s February Cosmic Conversation

The month opens with Venus lazily floating on the mystical waters of Pisces. There is a calm here, a divine bliss, and Venus aims to aid in your creativity and matters of the heart. This is Venus exalted, who craves intimacy and closeness, a polar opposite of Venus in Aquarius’ need for space. Be open to spontaneity to further bonds of love. Yet, this blessed energy will find a hiccup, from the 8th to the 10th, when Mercury and Pluto meet, and words seem to create unintended targets. Take care of your words, wield them when certain, as they can also be great tools for business and marketing at this time.

This momentum of improving communication bleeds into your family life as Mercury moves into Aquarius. This transit will find Hermes being the Divine Messenger - assisting in how you communicate with those inside your dwelling. Yet, Hermes, Mercury, is doing more here; in an air sign, Mercury can help us regain the ground that was lost while he moonwalked through the sky. This is the time to launch the project, move forward with plans, and making new friends, in whatever way fits your Scorpio sensibilities. This transit is also a great time to update you knowledge base when it comes to computers, with Pluto making his way into Aquarius, technology will take huge leaps and you run the risk of getting left behind.

Now that Mercury has assisted in smoothing out any conflicts surrounding communication, Venus and Neptune come together. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the celestial dance bathes us in the energies of love, romance, creativity, and imagination. Go on a date, or put yourself in a position to be asked on one if you’re looking. This is also a great time to delve into mysticism and spend time with those whose spiritual path somewhat mirrors your own. Yet, there is a caveat, be discerning of who you let in, as this transit can birth codependent bonds.

On the 16th, everything takes on a tint of gray as Saturn joins the Sun, and there is a meeting in the celestial board room. Decisions are being made; where will the hero go next, and what must she face? Your foes and dragons to be slayed may come in the form of bosses and authority figures, who may overwork you during this transit. Keep your head, it will pass.

The Sun makes his way in Pisces on the 19th and the next month can find you obeying the urge to focus on the love in your life; be it with family, friends, or your significant other. Try couples or group meditations to tap into the oneness of the entity that is your bond. This is also a great time to be near water.

Just as the Sun makes himself comfortable, Venus moves on to Aries, landing in your house of work and health, joining Jupiter. Make moves now, do not waste the energy of the greater and lesser benefic working together, to bless you in the realms of work and health. Take the meditations further, incorporate yoga and mudras to begin focusing more of your mental, spiritual, and physical health. This is your time to get healthy, Dark Star.

Finally Vesta is joining Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron in your house of work and health, this gives you a perfect time to delve into the shadow work needed to heal old wounds. As a reward, you can experience a harmonic energy in your personal relationships, as well as manifest new career opportunities.

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