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Sagittarius | Crafting The Divine Message

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Since the pandemic, you have been finalizing your mission statement, your North Star. Saturn has been turning everything over in the realm of your communication and business, but what a blessing this is. The Lord of Karma has diligently been working with you to understand the full breath of your message, and how to communicate it best with your audience. Saturn has been tuning its instrument, finding and bending the notes that don’t work, be they too harsh, or flat, they will be removed.

The Lord of Karma is also asking you to examine and repair your relationships with your siblings. Shared blood, these relationships can be heavy with the unsaid. Saturn is aiming to give you the courage and eloquence to use your throat chakra, not only to connect, but to repair these relationships. This effort is necessary as Pluto takes Saturn’s place in your house of communication and siblings, Saturn has unearthed all of the issues within your familial relationships, so that Pluto can transmute them. Once Saturn moves to the realm of your home and family, while Pluto is in your house of communication, the focus will be even more so on your familial bonds.

With Pluto making its energy here known, you may need to take care not to be manipulative. Your logos has been the main focus for the last few years, and this energy may have made you a craftsman of the spoken word. You may find yourself trying to be in control of the messaging or expression of others, take care not to impose your will with a turn of a phrase; this is an auspicious time to twist your tongue to the languages of a foreign land.

Fortunately, you should find that abundance is less hindered, and flows to you more easily as Pluto leaves your house of finances. It has been there since the Great Recession, so things should feel more stable in that front.

Dearest Sagittarius, fire of my fire, look to Aries and the time Jupiter spends there to bless you. The expansive energy of Jupiter can bring boons in love, creativity, and love; there is also a potential to conceive during the five and half months that Jupiter is in the sign of cardinal fire.

Sagittarius January Cosmic Conversation

January urges you to delve into your money, talents, and self-value, while Pluto may provide the resource of other people’s money and talents, which act to fund your expansion. This relationship should be by and large reciprocal, for you are one of the most generous signs, and that generosity should keep others from feeling like you are taking advantage of them.

However, because of your penchant for generosity, it is wise to watch how much you extend yourself and give, until Mercury goes direct. This is your time to practice a little selfishness, even it feels foreign to you. You would benefit from a self-care routine.

At the top of the year, Venus is paired with Pluto, an aspect she finds uncomfortable. She has been yearning for Mars, and in her despair, she floods our primary relationships with havoc and strife. This too shall pass. On the third, she makes it out, and moves into Aquarius, this is the time to begin to repair the familial and community relationships that have undergone negative transformations. This is also an auspicious time to align with potential business partners, this is a networking transit.

This harmony is dampened some by Black Moon Lilith’s transit into Leo. You may find resistance and challenges from mentors, teachers, and your in-laws; there may be false narratives and slander surrounding you and your name.

The fourteenth finds Mars going direct, and you might find that all the conflicts you have been having in your personal relationships, will be alleviated or ended. While Mercury goes direct a few days later, and your year can truly begin!

The Sun will then move into Aquarius, and will shine brilliantly in your house of communication and business. As the Sun joins Pluto, you may find it expansion in your long-term goals. You then have a New Moon in Aquarius and you may find yourself starting something new in the realm of business and writing or communication. You may find a conduit or become one.

Towards the end of the month, Vesta, Neptune, and Venus will be in Pisces; you may find yourself drawn to mysticism, while Venus gives you a glimpse of the home and familial energy you are to carry for the next three years.

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