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Lunar You

I’m going to assume that most of you reading this are familiar with moon signs and what yours is. Some believe that the moon sign has more impact on your day to day than your sun sign, due to its effect on your emotion. Your Natal chart is a vast and complicated recording of where the stars were the moment you were born. Even still, most people only focus on their sun sign, missing the crucial parts of yourself that are paramount in your personal growth. If you don’t know the importance of the moon sign in your natal chart, I’ll touch on it briefly, and if you don’t know your moon sign, visit to find out your moon sign and what phase you were born under.

Your moon sign is the feminine aspects of you; it rules your intuition, memories, emotions, and feelings. Your moon also rules over the hidden parts of you, it can reflect the relationship you have with the maternal influence in your life, and how you nurture those around you. Our emotions can control us, especially those who have not worked on their emotional intelligence, which gives your moon sign so much power in your natal chart. The moon is a companion to your shadow self.

One of the elements that can assist you in boosting your magic and manifestation is knowing what point in the lunar cycle you were born. For this article, we will delve into the four main moon phases; new moon, waxing moon, waning moon, and full moon.

New Moon

During the new moon, the earth, and moon are perfectly aligned, establishing a healthy balance on earth. This is the time for rest, which is critical for regeneration. The new moon is a symbol of growth, exploration, and birth. Those born under the new moon have harmony between their heart and mind, housing a beautiful balance on earth that reflects the harmony and balance above. Because new moon natives are born during the darkest times, darkness does not deter them, making it easy for them to be successful. However, at times you can be overly optimistic, seeing the best in everyone and everything.

Watch your energy New Moon natives. You came into the world when the energy was low and restorative, this could impact your energy levels, leaving them hard to sustain. Furthermore, being born in the darkest time is reflected in your lack of self-awareness. It will be difficult for you to see who you truly are as a person. Take time for self-reflection during the Full Moon, then use the quarter moon phases for planning your next ambitions.

Waxing Moon Phases

The Waxing Moon follows The New Moon and spans three distinct phases: waxing crescent moon, first quarter moon, and the waxing gibbous moon. Those born under the waxing crescent moon are endlessly curious. These people love learning and adventure, experience is their best teacher. As the waning moon grows, so do those born under its influence. Remember though that the energy of the new moon is still low when the waxing crescent moon is ushered in. Although you are curious and adventurous, you may shy from taking risks and leaving your comfort zone.

Meanwhile, those born during the first quarter moon have a harmonious balance of light and dark, however at times this balance can be more so of what you have and what you lack. Understand that this balance is an asset and a detriment. You are fully capable of manifesting the life you want; however, you are fully capable of doubting yourself and holding yourself back.

While those born under the waxing gibbous moon are likely nurturing and caring people. They are often natural leaders and push themselves to attain their goals. Yet, those born under a waxing gibbous moon must understand that perfectionism is unattainable and toxic. Your desire for perfection could evolve into an uncontrollable obsession.

Full Moon

Peak energy! This is when crystals are being charged, energies are being released and manifested, plans are on a roll, completions are inevitable. Being born under the full moon, you harness this energy. These natives are typically an amalgamation of contradictions. Due to the high energy of the full moon, those born under it influence are dreamers, but more than that, they are doers; they just need to learn how to channel their energy. Full Moon natives glow!

However, those born under the full moon have been in an internal war since birth. Since the sun is directly opposite the moon when it’s full, those born under its influence have a conflict between their logic and emotions. Finding a harmony between the two will be a lifelong process.

Waning Moon Phases

After the full moon, she begins to fade back to black, going through her waning phase. Collectively, this time of the lunar cycle represent a reflective period. This is a time for learning, teaching, and planning. Those born under the influence of the waning moon phases are often wise beyond their years.

The first of these phases is the waning gibbous moon. Still bright and mostly full, the moon begins to shrink. Those born under this moon are usually intelligent and learn quickly from both studying and experience. Your task is to use this wisdom that you were born with while not being judgmental. Those born under this moon have the potential to be pretentious and arrogant.

Those born under the waning quarter moon are regularly nostalgic in nature. Scrapbooking, planning the high school reunion, it’s often those born under this moon that take on those tasks. Just be mindful not to get stuck in the past, as those born during this moon have the tendency to do.

While those born under the crescent waning moon have an other worldliness. They are usually deeply intuitive and more in touch with their spiritual side. This can lead to a more lonely life, as you might not feel like you fully belong anywhere, while some might be intimidated by you.

One of the greatest gifts you can gain from knowing what moon you were born under is using it to boost your power. Learn how your moon impacts you and the earth, and then use this knowledge to your benefit!

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