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Libra | The Great Equalizer Need Balance

Great Balancer, have you been taking heed to lessons and messages that Saturn has been trying to impart to you? The Lord of Karma, who is exalted in your sign, has been making his way through your home of children, love, and happiness. He brought much upheaval with him, creating circumstances to rectify those areas of life. This may have been a time marred with difficulties in those arenas of life, though, in Saturn’s way, those difficulties are a form of correction. You may have made decisions that impact your happiness, or taken stock of what doesn’t contribute to your state of bliss. The first two months will bring a final push in those areas. However, if you have adhered to Saturn’s lessons, you should find that the first two months bring an ease to the tensions that have been either underlying or on full display.

Relief is in sight as Saturn moves into your house of work, health, and routine, dwelling in Pisces. For the next three years, Saturn asks you to become a stronger self, through discipline. You will be asked to focus on managing your time, what you put in your body, and how you ritualize your day. Saturn is training you to attain perfection in the realm of work and service, the empathy you can gain during this time could move mountains. With his move out of Aquarius into Pisces, the energy that Saturn is bringing is ripe with the possibility to marry the rational with the mystical. This transit calls all of your brothers and sisters of all the signs to tap into the mystic divine.

Pluto take Saturn’s place in your home of children, love and happiness, and means to bring profound lessons. The Lord of Transformation will begin by going back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius, bringing about changes in how you deal with family, and solidifying the happiness you seek. However, Pluto completes any unearthing that Saturn has begun, and this first two years, marked with retrogrades, may expose family secrets. Pluto, while in Aquarius, asks you to infuse creativity in your goals and how you reach them.

Luckily, Jupiter will be transiting your house of relationship and partnerships for the first five months of the year. Jupiter is expansive and always makes things seem larger than they are. This could be a great time for love to take hold and be true, to grow roots, and then bloom. However, Jupiter has a tendency to overpromise and under deliver; be cautious of love bombing, and be sure that the foundations of any relationship are solid.

Libra January Cosmic Conversation

There is a focus on your house of home and family at the beginning of the year, adding to the energies that are already at play. This is the time for you to learn to accept others for their faults and flaws, Saturn in asking you to look within to see how they are reflections of you, their flaws being a mirror of yours. With Mercury in retrograde, it would be advantageous for you to be mindful of how you communicate with those in your household and immediate surroundings.

When Venus moves into Aquarius, they dance in your house of love, romance, creativity, and children. If you have a partner, light the candles, babe, and if you don’t, this may be the time to look. This craving for intimacy can be heightened when Mars goes direct, releasing all the pent-up energy that has stalled projects and social activities.

On the 20th, when Mercury goes direct, begin to move your mountains. With the Aquarius Sun shining on your house of love and happiness, the next thirty days bring a chance to create harmony in your relationships, especially with those who share a home with you. Yet, there will be a small tense point, as Saturn and Venus entangle, where you are called to reevaluate your current relationships and how you show up in them.

With the New Moon, in Aquarius (a fellow air sign), happening during the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit), you are called to dig in and manifest something big, not only for yourself, but for society as a whole. Then, Venus, ruler of your Sun, moves into Pisces, where she loves to be. Venus will be swimming through your house of health and career, bringing in an opportunity to improve work relationships and beautifying where you work and study. This is a time for aesthetic!

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