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Leo | The Shadow of Pride Rock

Regal Lion, I know your hidden enemies have made themselves known the last few years, as they attacked your pride again and again. You may have been having a hard time in your relationship with your significant other as the Lord of Karma made himself known in your house of relationships and legal affairs, ruled by your opposite sign, Aquarius. This may have brought divorces, nasty custody battles, and betrayal; as a buoyant and bright sign, this dark space in your relationships may have been especially hard on you. Saturn has been crafting situations and experiences that are causing an upheaval in your relationships in life and work.

Then the Mother of Demons, Black Moon Lilith transits into Leo, on the 9th. You have already had to defend yourself from the energies of your enemies being made flesh, now Lilith moves into your house of ghost and horrors. Where did your courage go? Black Moon Lilith may turn you into the cowardly Lion, to help you redefine what courage and heart are. Black Moon Lilith, in her dark way, is preparing the altar that you and Saturn will later use. You may feel devastatingly misunderstood, calling you to isolate yourself; if you are of a good mental constitution, follow this urge.

Then, at the beginning of March, The Lord of Karma grabs you by the hand, and you descend into the Underworld. In the house of transformation and death, Saturn will ask you to place your ego on the altar of growth. Your sunny disposition will traverse the realms of sex, magic, investigation, and passion. You are authoring your Book of Death, crafting (through experience) how to let go of what is no longer serving you. Take stock of the last thirty days, remove anything that hindered you from reaching your goals. Here, Saturn is asking you to kill for the sake of resurrection. Saturn’s goal, is to transport you to the dark manifest of possibility. During this time, you will unearth your true self and true passions. What a beautiful dark time, bravest Lion. That courage will serve you well over this transit.

Leo January Cosmic Conversation

The Year begins with a party in your house of work and health. An auspicious time to begin a detox, rid yourself of everything from the last year, and begin with a clean slate in all realms of life. This is the time to fast for your spiritual, mental, and physical health. While mercury is in retrograde, this would be a great time to edit in multiple arenas of life; be it people, thoughts, routines, works, or plans.

The New Year can also bring a new love interest, as Venus transits Aquarius, in your house of relationships. If partnered, this is a great time to deepen the bonds that exists; approach your partner with an air of friendliness to be better received. Friendliness all around will be a major key to success for the next few weeks.

On the 8th, the Moon moves into your sign, this provides a much-needed energy boost. Get as much of this good feeling as you can because remember on the 9th, Black Moon Lilith moves into your sign. Yet, when Mars, and later Mercury, go direct, you should feel a bit better, finding that the tension in your personal and professional relationships ease some. Be watchful of opportunities that assist you in tapping into your power, or meeting those of power and influence between the 18th and 20th, just as the Sun makes its move into Aquarius.

Aquarius season may not be so kind to you, dearest Lion, as the Sun will be opposing your sign, which may manifest as conflicts and chaos in this material realm. Furthermore, when Saturn and Venus meet on the 21st, unresolved issues in your relationships can surface.

Finally, Venus sways into Pisces in your house of sexuality, here, where exalted Venus can infuse you with passion. As an adept, hopefully you have mastered how to channel the sexual energy of this transit into creation. This may be a time when talents from past lives that have been mastered may emerge.

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