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Leo | Controlled Aggression Get To The Root of The Issue

Leo, of all the signs I feel the most for you. You who has been watching relationship after relationship burn down, left in ashes, the next move unknown. Saturn has been demanding a fortification of self and it has been brutal, but you have been weathering the storm. Yet, gentle Lion, February may be a difficult month for you.

At the beginning of January Black Moon Lilith moved into your sign, giving your enemies that bravery that you are accustomed to. Many of them are usually craven, dearest Lion, and as such, they may be brazen with this courage while it is there’s. If there is an advantage over you, expect others to take, while the rest may take advantage of you during this time. I would advise that you begin confronting your insecurities, bravest Lion, so that you may be authentic in your confidence. This Black Moon Lilith also acts to reveal your talents and power, as she conspires to uncover how others have become obstacles for us, but also how we leave our gifts unused.

Leo’s February Cosmic Conversation

The blessings of Venus has been raining down on your house of intimacy and others people’s money. The month starts out with energy that is ripe for investments and financial gains. However, on the 8th, when Mercury and Pluto are conjunct, you may find that where you have been thriving before, you now find communication based issues arising. You, as the rest of your celestial brothers and sisters, must be mindful of how you use your throat chakra during this transit, which ends the 10th. During this time you may have an unintentional roar, causing others to misunderstand your intentions and meaning when communicating.

On the 11th Mercury moves into Aquarius, your opposite sign. There are always things left unsaid, especially in our personal relationships, this transit may force them to the surface, unavoidable. There could be a combative energy that in many ways you and your partner/potential partners should lean into (NOT TO THE POINT OF VIOLENCE OR DISRESPECT). Sometimes, the secret recipe to getting to the root of an issue is irritation and anger, this transit aims to sit the issues in your relationships in your lap, and dares you to ignore them.

Yet there is something so beautiful to this aggressive energy, for it ushers in a conjunction of Venus and Neptune on the 13th. We have gone through the chaos and have a better understanding of where our loves are coming from, and they us, now the energy shifts and we are floating on intimacy and romance. Then the Sun meets with Saturn and you are able to clearly make decisions and see your path forward. There is a depth here that we all should take advantage of. Using The Lord of Karma, we are able to make long term plans and developing routines that will share us immensely.

On the 19th the Sun ends his time with Saturn and moves into Pisces, spending the next 30 days in your house of transformation and sexuality. Mystic, dive in the underworld of Pisces’ waters, veil yourself in the garments of Scorpio, and gain spiritual knowledge through meditation and dreams (try Blue Lotus to enhance dreams and retentions). Others may find that this is the time for joint ventures in art and finance.

On the 20th, Venus moves into Aries, this is the time to be assertive, especially in your personal relationship. With Venus being in your house of travel, this would also be an auspicious time to take a voyage, even if it’s only in your mind and etheric body.

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