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Gemini | The Herald, Pregnant With Divine Messages

We have discussed it before, Divine Twins, how your authenticity has to be the main focus of your journey; The Lord of Karma would have it no other way. With Saturn in your house of education, adventure, and learning, you have been gaining the experiences and insight needed to become a voice in this world. I sincerely hope that you have been working on your creed, on the philosophy that could act to save us all.

Are you ready to let go Gemini? For the transformation of self that could lead to you be being called master or guru? Your truths are being solidified, this month giving them the final push to crystallization. It is through these beliefs and philosophies, tried by fire and Saturn, that you will shape the divine message. Oh Herald of the Sun, take us to the depth of the underworld so we may all integrate with our shadow, that great twin. Saturn is asking you to bring all the knowledge you have gathered onto you chosen path.

With the North Node in Taurus, you may feel like you are fighting against the tides of a past life regression. Surrender and allow the North Node to assist you in accessing past life wisdom, skills, and gifts.

Gemini’s February Cosmic Conversation

You truths are still the main focus as we begin February, through this we find transformation in your authenticity and wisdom. At the beginning of February though it could seem as though this wisdom has temporarily left you. On the 9th and 10th, you are cautioned to pay extra attention to how you communicate, the words you choose, and your overall message. Remember, Saturn is priming you be the Divine Messenger, as such you must go through training in the wisdom of communication.

On the 11th Mercury moves into fellow air sign Aquarius, here Mercury can transmute the former energy, and assist in delivering clear and concise messaging. This is a great time to publish and promote projects, as well as focus on your studies, for these are the days when you have been blessed with the ability to galvanize. The mind is sharp during this time, use this to your advantage.

On the 13th Venus and Neptune come together, infusing the universal energy with love, the desire for intimacy, and creativity. This is a beautiful time to spend with you partner, as this time could feel like a romantic paradise, or dream. However, the 16th could find you in a power struggle with authority figures, think of this as a practice in patience, seeing that as a figure to followed, you will need patience when dealing with the public.

On the 19th, The Sun moves into Pisces, illuminating you house of career. If you have been looking to have a spot in the public, 2023 could be the time to develop and expand your fan base, starting with this Sun transit. This energy peaks when the New Moon enter Pisces, put its energy behind anything new pertaining to your career; this transit is great for projects that you want to see to fruition.

At the end of the month, Venus moves into Aries, on the 20th, into your house of friends, and we have entered into an auspicious time, as Venus is now in the same house a Jupiter; the greater and lesser benefits are together in a celestial flow of luck. Between the 27th of February and the 1st of March this energy is amplified. Luck is the name of this energy, look for positive synchronicities to illuminate your path.

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