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Gemini | Stepping Into Authenticity

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

The Twins have been challenged to walk in authenticity these last three years. The Lord of Karma, Saturn, has been making waves in your house of education, learning, and adventure. I’m sure there are long held truths that have been shattered for you. This disillusionment has been heavily orchestrated by Saturn, who has been presenting situations that test you and the truths you held dear. Saturn is forcing you to walk the talk and become what you say you are, to show up naked in your authenticity. For some, Saturn has been testing if you are ready and true to your philosophies, so that you may share them with the masses. Messenger of the gods, are you equipped to deliver the divine truths and downloads you have, and will be receiving?

Then Saturn will be on the move into Pisces. This will be the transit of blocked paths, where you think you know your destination better than the cartographer, and Saturn has to show you that you are blinded by your desires as to what you should be. Yet this rejection is Saturn’s celestial protection, as we are often on the wrong path, fully in the delusion that it is where we are supposed to be. With Saturn moving into the house that rules your career you can also experience too much abundance, leaving you overwhelmed if on the right path. Saturn is reminding you to pace yourself so that all that is coming towards you can be managed efficiently.

This is the time to begin long term goals, Saturn can assist with creating the discipline to bring your goals to fruition during his stay in Pisces. Saturn in Pisces gives you the confidence to make your life better; presenting opportunities that are meant to expand how to apply your gifts in the world. When we are in alignment, the universe conspires with us and bend to our desires, Saturn is assisting in creating this alignment between you and source.

Saturn doesn’t move without another Lord taking his place. For you, Pluto will replace Saturn in your house of education and vocation. This transit can be the trigger that deepens your desire for knowledge. It can also be marred with power struggles, and legal woes.

Where Saturn unearthed the philosophies that you believe in, Pluto comes to destroy that which is untrue. You may find yourself further disillusioned as the Lord of Karma comes to clean your mind, and finish what Saturn started.

Yet, there is a bright spot that has been shielding you from the harrowing energies that Saturn has been dispensing. The North Node has been transiting Taurus, in your house of mysticism and letting go, and will continue to for the first two quarters of the year. For the first half of the year, The North Node is asking you to find a solace in solitude. In this aloneness, when you are intentional you may be able to tap into past life regressions and gain access to hidden talents.

Gemini’s January Cosmic Conversations

Psychopompos, able to transverse the worlds. The beginning of the year will be putting your talents to good use, by plunging you into the underworld. Dearest Gemini, did you know that you can guide the lost souls there. You may find yourself being the “as above”, helping to guide others through their own personal hell, as Hermes acts as the below, guiding spirits in, out, and through the underworld.

This draining energy won’t last long though, as Venus enters Aquarius at the beginning of the month, in your house of education and travel. Venus enters into the house that Saturn has been keeping for the next two months, and assists you in leveling up. She helps master the lessons that The Lord of Karma has been imparting, albeit, in a much gentler way. Then her cosmic lover, Mars, joins her; giving you the confidence and appeal to invite new energies into your life, or forge beneficial collaborations. When Mars goes direct, with the help of his lover, you may feel this flow of energy becomes even stronger in terms of desire and appeal.

It must be said that on January 18th and 19th, when the 12th House hosts a meeting for the Sun and Pluto, they gods are conspiring on how to help you let go. This is the time for your cord cuttings, for your spiritual and black walnut baths, for you to call your energy back from those who no longer serve your journey to your highest self.

On the 20th, when the Sun moves into Aquarius, he shines his light on your house that rules your education and travel, while Mercury is destined to go direct. This energy is ripe to connect with the finances of others and assists you with your own investments as well, of all kinds. Soon after the Moon, Venus, and Saturn all join The Sun, further challenging you to step into your authenticity; be watchful of situations where you have a choice to be fully yourself or you could be inauthentic, this is the test, dearest twin. The stars are watching.

Towards the end of the month, Venus moves into Pisces, where she is exalted, and at her highest vibration. She will dwell in your house of career, helping to resolve any conflicts in your professional life. This transit is excellent for artists and those who use color. Venus and Pisces also loosens the constrictions to your finances.

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