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Capricorn | Preparing for the Spotlight


There is something so wonderfully beautiful in discovering the talents that have accompanied you all of your life. To delve deep into core, finding your self-defined worth, and then defending it tooth and nail. Saturn, while in Aquarius, has been demanding that you be authentic in your values, as he has created avenues to align you with abundance fueled by your gifts. All the while, forcing you to confront your insecurities and fears, developing the best ways to overcome them. Saturn has been impacting our house of income, gifts, and abilities; encouraging you to get to the heart of what you believe in, value, and want to leave behind for all of humanity. Through self reflection, Saturn is preparing you to assist the collective.

As it moves into Pisces, mid-March, you will be asked to turn the self understanding gained while he was in Aquarius, into flesh. The Lord of Karma will urge you to share all that you have discovered. As he strides through your house of marketing and communication, you are asked to display the diamond of self that he has polished through trials and fire. How Saturn has made you shine and now he wants you to share it with others, loudly, and for many, on a grand scale. If you are interested in being a social media influencer or author, now is the time! Saturn in Pisces asks you to manifest your potential through your skills and talents.

Luckily, you may enjoy a period of ease, where Saturn’s lessons aren’t so burdensome, while he is in Pisces. Be mindful to use this flow of energy to your benefit. This is auspicious, as Pluto takes Saturn’s place in you house of money and skills, which brings about transformations in the realm of your finances. As Saturn is thrusting you into your purpose, you may find that you financial situation undergoes drastic, long-term, changes. Conversely, for some, this is a time to be mindful of incoming finances and how you allow them to flow out.

Capricorn January Cosmic Conversation

There is a party in your sign as the year begins. They have all gathered in your house of self, body, image, and leadership. We await you to lead us into 2023 and assist us all on shaping our self image. All this energy will have you in an energy of initiation, this could feel foreign to you, and I advise you not allow it overtake you; remember Mercury will be moon-walking until January 20th, making project initiation ill advised. Instead, channel these energies into you strategies and goals for when after Mercury got direct on the 20th.

In early January, Venus will be conduct Pluto, which may bring strife to your personal relationships with those who you have had a ling standing bond with, or those who are other than you. However, with the transit happening in your house of self-awareness, there is a chance that hidden artistic talents can be unearthed.

Then, Venus breaks away from The Lord of Transformation, and moving into Aquarius, and your house of money, talents, and self-esteem. As the ruler of money, Venus may bring a boost to your financial situations, or you may find opportunities through friends and acquaintances during this time.

With respect to the laws of duality, life cannot always be on a high, there will always been energies that bring about struggle. Black Moon Lilith moves into you house of sexuality, death, and transformation. Jealousy may abound, with you at times being the receiver of the jealousy of others, or being the one radiating the energy of envy and possessiveness. This is a time for temptation, and for the next none months you will need to be on guard to fall into the wrong partner. There is a veil of illusion that can cloud you decision making when it comes to the sexual realm of passion. Beware of betrayals and the divulging of secrets.

When Mars goes direct on the 14th, you may find yourself breathing easier, quite literally. The Sun’s Sword has been transiting your house of work and health and may have brought about challenges in the health department or conflicts with co-workers, you should find that this energy eases is a very noticeable way.

On the 20th, the skies are busy, as Mercury goes direct and The Sun moves into Aquarius, now you can really get started on the work that will lead to your empire. With The Sun in your house of money, talents, and self-worth there could be gains in these arenas of life. On the 22nd, the New Moon meets the Chinese New Year, giving you a great foundation to manifesting abundance for yourself.

January may also bring about the ability to conceptualize mystical concepts, allowing you to delve deep into the arts of meditation, divination, channelling, etc. When Vesta meets Neptune in Pisces, on the 23rd, be sure to make time for your spiritual practices to strengthen your mystical side and connection to source. On the 27th, Venus moves into Pisces in your house of communication, enjoy the blessings and watch for the chaos, as this may resurface when Saturn enters the house in March.

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