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Cancer | The Nurturing of Self

Have you been cutting the fat Cancer? Letting go is always hard, we never know what will replace what we have fought so hard to hold onto, or if it will be replaced at all. There is a safety is the known, in the routine, you, gentle crab, know this truth more than most; Saturn is urging you to open you hand, and allow those things that have outstayed their use, to flow away from you. February finds The Lord of Karma poised to move into Pisces, but before he can do so, he must impart his consequences for your actions during the past 3 years. Where you have the potential to go, there will not be room those everyone in your life. If you fail to cut those people out, you risk removing the reward you have been striving for from you grasp. You are grand, Nurturing Cancer, reflection of the moon, your love is legendary, yet you are asked to nurture yourself, in the most profound way; by removing those who are not for you.

What a radical act of self-love, not allowing yourself, your sensitive nature, to be depleted and drained. You have until March 7 to really assess what has been hindering your growth and severing that tie. If you feel like you lack the strength to adhere to the energy of separation, I recommend taking a black walnut bath, and calling your energy back.

Cancer’s February Cosmic Conversation

You have a deep reverence for the traditions of your family and your ancestors, while being called to create new rituals. With Vesta at the zenith of your chart you will find your focus on you home and familial bonds, which is a comfort zone for you, as Cancer is the great mother energy.

On the 8th Mercury transits over Pluto, giving your communication more weight. This is a time to be mindful of not only how you communicate, but what it is you want to communicate, for your words have a vibration of seriousness. If we manifest our reality, it makes sense why this is a time to guard your thoughts and words, you could talk yourself right into trouble. Pressure is added to this energy as Mercury moves into Aquarius, joining The Sun and Saturn.

Yet this is also the time to seek the ones with the messages for your healing. You may not know what ails you, but this energy nudges you onto the path of a symphony of voices and ideas, all singing a song of your personal healing. Or you may be a member of the chorus of healers, guiding others down their divine path. With Saturn with The Sun, this may also be a great time for you to make investments or work with others people’s talents and money.

On the 13th, before Valentine’s Day, Venus and Neptune come together to bathe us in the energy of divine intimacy and love. This is a time where creativity could be at an all time high, just as conception. Enjoy the rose colored glasses and use this energy to show love to yourself and others.

February 9th finds the Sun on the move in to Pisces, joining Venus and Neptune. The great king of astrology is shining bright in your house of education, truth, morality, and justice. Pack your bags if you can! This is also a great time for travel. This next thirty days could also put in to contact with someone who will act as a mentor, or conversely, you may take on a mentee.

The rest of the month finds you focusing on your career. On the 20th Venus moves into Aries, now with Jupiter, this can create expansions and opportunities in your professional life; this energy may also smooth out relationships and communications with superiors and partners. Additionally, when Jupiter and Venus rendezvous with Chiron, you may find you are able to mend broken relationships in your professional life.

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