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Aries | The Mystical Warrior

Updated: Dec 25, 2022


Blood of my Blood! My darling Aries, I know how Saturn has been demanding on the collective. Hammering the lessons of friendships and our standing in the community into us since the beginning of the Pandemic. Altruism may have made itself known as a theme through the past two years for you, or it may have been lurking in the shadows, influencing your actions.

Saturn has been shaking us awake, exposing the changes that we need to make to both our internal self, and to the entities that may not serve our highest good.

What is alignment, truly? It could be using the Mercurial energy of being able to transverse the realms of logic and intuition, in an effort to tap into either or both. Through this integration, you can tap into our core, and make decisions that serve our highest self, which removes the blockages that could hinder the boons from the universe.

My love, you fiery heart, Saturn has come to unearth what needs to be cleared away; what must change. Allow Saturn to be your plow. Saturn is driving you in the solace of mysticism, deep into the collective unconscious of the arts, and asks you to make time for the quiet of self so that he may lead you down the path of becoming gold. Allow Saturn to plunge you into the underworld of the dark vastness of manifestation, allow him to remind you of your magic, and how ancient you are.

Then, The Lord of Karma, moves into the 12th house, and he beckons us to find a solace in solitude, through which we will repave your yellow brick road. Carl Jung referred to the 12th house as the shadow, the dark forest where magic takes place. Astrologers have considered the 12th house the ruler of past lives and mysticism. Saturn has been pulling at the thread of your talents and if you find yourself willing, he will pull everything apart until he reveals the you that is eternal.

Beloved, Saturn, in his not so gentle way, may have burned down the forest, but soon, we shall see the benefits of scorching the earth. Saturn is urging us to let go, if we listen to his harsh whispers of guidance, we emerge anew, after his three-year stay in our 12th house. By opening our hand to release what no longer serves you, we give Saturn the room to bless us. For this is the time of transmutation, for WE are the great work. Saturn is calling the alchemist in us forward, turning the wolf into the prince. By February 2026, we can be anyone we want to be!

Aries’ January Cosmic Conversation

We have been dancing on the cusp of expansion in, dear Aries. The sway may have felt unsettling at times, but if we have surrendered, allowed Jupiter to lead, then we are well into our season of growth. January is always a great month for manifesting careers, wealth, and success; as well as collaboration (with Mercury Retrograde in play, you may find old business plans or partners resurfacing).

Have you not noticed the way the lightning bolts have struck down your obstacles? How Zeus has been protecting you in every moment that has been a confrontation to your authenticity and health? It has been harrowing, but you are built for it. Our training has been rigorous, and harder it will get, but your reward is unimaginable. Jupiter gives us a glimpse of his promise at the start of 2023, as he stays firmly planted in Aries. This is a most auspicious sign, having the Great Benefactor ushering us into this recognized New Year. Jupiter aims to prepare us now for the abundance and expansion he plans to bring us, as he later transits into the slice of the sky where our money, talents, and self-worth dwell.

However, the first two weeks of the year finds Mars retrograding, so be at ease, care for self, and prepare for the year ahead. Celestially, you are on fire, and it would be advantageous to allow the planets to inform you when to act, when to rest, when to love, and war. While Venus will find herself in your house of friendships, this would be the time to reconnect with friends, carrying the air of relaxation with you into your interactions. The Sun this offers a boost in your interpersonal relationships as it move into your house of friendships for 30 days in late January.

Mid-January can bring about circumstances that may seem like obstacles, or power struggles, when first confronted with them. I challenge you, dear warrior, to see them as opportunities, as the universe may be helping you access resources that will serve you in the future.

However, the end of the month sees a boost in energy as the Moon joins Jupiter in Aries, setting the stage for healing and the divine feminine. As The Moon spends time in Aries, Venus moves into our. house of letting go, assisting Saturn in further stripping away from us, but in a much gentler way.

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