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Aries | Preparing For A Mystical Rebirth

Can you hear it? That call to isolation? It may have been a faint whisper these past few weeks, and may be a whisper still, yet it is persistent, and you know the call will soon be a roar. Saturn is teetering on the precipice of our twelfth house, and I have told you, that come March you may be inclined to fold into yourself. If you don’t take the time for solitude then Saturn may force your hand and that it never pleasant.

If anyone is being positioned to dive into their shadow work the next few years, it is you, with Saturn being pulled under the water of mysticism. I hope you are mentally preparing yourself, for in March, you will be Alice, and Saturn will be your white rabbit. He will lead you to the place where magic is birthed, where no laws have form or power. I can’t stress enough that this is your time to reimagine and reinvent the self into its best version, this is the time to align with your highest form.

I am so excited for us Aries, we just have to remember that this transformation is coming through Saturn, though weakened, and thus the struggle might be real. However, understand that Saturn is acting in tandem with your Sun to reveal the Hero within, and as all Hero’s Journey the reward is worth the obstacles. Furthermore, Saturn brings a grounded and practical energy to the mystical realm, taking it out of the philosophical, and bringing it into practice, integrating it into self.

Remember Jupiter is with us until mid-May. You have all you need you conquer your world.

Aries’ February Cosmic Conversation

This is the month to begin building your tribe. We have yet to enter the realm of solitude that Saturn promises to bring, so this is an excellent time to connect with communities and friends. If you are looking to have any type of influence, this is the time to begin building your following. There are no retrograde planets so this is the time to go full speed ahead with your goals in business, community, and projects.

On the 11th Mercury moves into Aquarius giving an added boost to your productivity for the next couple of weeks. So if you have projects that you are working on, try planning and getting mentally prepared to get lots done. This energy can assist in life in general, as Mercury in Aquarius give you the opportunity to upgrade the most archaic technology yet, the human mind. This is a great time for promotions and marketing.

Venus and Neptune will come together just in time for Valentine’s Day, but the meeting will be happening you twelfth house of letting go. It would be advantageous to make your loved ones feel special during this time. However, the celestial union could also assist you in tapping into hidden talents, both material and spiritual. The next three years is the time for past lives for us, this transit may offer a glimpse of what it to come. Look for the synchronicities and mystical stardust as magic flows strong through this transit’s energy.

Then on the 20th, Venus moves into Aries, and you’re feeling sexy; and indeed you are! The planet of love and beauty is making you attractive in all aspects. Be mindful not to spend this time in a fog of vanity. Stay humble, avoid over indulging, and enjoy yourself.

Now for a bit of a warning, watch you finances on the 25th and 26th. Yet, whatever is lost is likely to regained from the 28th until March 3rd, as Venus and Jupiter take some time together, in Aries, and offers an abundance of luck and love.

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