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Aquarius | Sweet Relief

Saturn, your planetary ruler in traditional astrology, has been in your sign, and it has not been easy. The Lord of Karma may have placed you in positions where it feels like you are being micromanaged. Everything may have felt heavy with the seriousness of Saturn while he hits the brakes and forced you to slow down, forced us all to slow down. This was a time of patience, to cultivate, and display the virtue. How did you grow, dearest water-bearer? Saturn has created the circumstances through which you have learned responsibility, maturity, identity, and life; although the strain of Saturn may have been felt in all aspects of life. The first two months, Saturn may squeeze it out of you, however, if you have learned Saturn’s lessons, there is always a boon. A Saturn return will never leave you with nothing, whether the consequence be a blessing or a curse.

In March, we have several celestial movements, one of which will pull Saturn off your back as The Lord of Karma moves to Pisces. Here Saturn aims to teach you the hard, but worthwhile lessons, in the arenas of money, skills, and your self-worth. The next three years can change the way you make your income, if you harken to the lessons on discipline, planning and endurance, that Saturn aims to teach. Saturn is also asking you to reflect upon and refine your values. With Pisces in the mix, you may find that your inner voice is strong during this transit, guiding you to the path that The Sun has been called to. Amplify this voice through meditation, dream interpretation, and self divination.

Dear Cup Bearer, the one who thinks of the masses just as it thinks of itself, Pluto will be moving into your house of pain, isolation, and suffering. It has been 250 years since Pluto has made a home in your sign, and you will undergo such transformation during this time, perhaps more than any of your other celestial siblings. For two years, Pluto will bounce back and forth between your house of letting go and your house of the self and body. This is your hero’s journey, dearest Aquarius, where Pluto aims to transform you into gold, through trials.

Aquarius January Cosmic Conversation

More than any sign you are being called to let go of 2022, to shed it, and never pick it up again. Use January to leave behind all aspect of the past that you don’t want to bring with you. Pluto and The Sun begin the year in your house of mysticism and hidden enemies, so it may be wise to keep to yourself, and give in to the desire for isolation. With Mercury in retrograde, your chance of making enemies is at a high right now, so mindfulness will serve you well at this time.

On the 9th of January, Black Moon Lilith moves into Leo, giving her a might roar. As she moves through your house of relationships and partnerships, this may be a difficult time, as BML bring the boons of chaos, discord, and strife. Beware of outside influences that have set their sights on destroying your relationships, this is the time of third parties, and broken hearts. There may be a person who uses slander and dirty mackin to come between you and your lover. Where The Sun made your hidden enemies known, Black Moon Lilith could spur them into motion.

Thankfully, Mars and Mercury go direct later in the month, offering a much-needed reprieve from the crushing energies of Lilith and Pluto. This may be a great time to reacquaint yourself with the pleasure of your Venus, as she may help mitigate the pressure of the aforementioned planets. Once The Sun moves into your sign, the time has come for the rebranding! This is a great time to think outside the box and reinvent yourself into the inner image that is fed by your solar energy.

Then on the 22nd, The New Moon joins The Sun in your sign, on the Chinese New Year, and you are called to dream big. We know, my love, when you flourish, the collective does as well, therefore find solace in the fact that we are all, consciously or unconsciously, rooting for you.

At the end of the month, Vesta and Neptune give you an opportunity to delve deeper into your mysticism. Then on the 27th Venus makes her home in Pisces, her favorite place, and through her bliss showers blessing upon your finances, creativity, and love.

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